Quality Assurance

Our formal Quality Assurance Management Plan (QAMP)

Technician in GERG Lab

It is GERG's policy to conduct and carry-out its activities in accordance with a formal Quality Assurance Management Plan (QAMP).

Quality Assurance (QA) involves all of the planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the work performed conforms to the applicable contract specifications, regulatory requirements, and state/national codes.

The QAMP serves as guidance to produce specific written Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP), implementation procedures, and a management philosophy which encourages, supports, and emphasizes the importance of Quality Assurance in carrying out work activities. Quality Assurance encompasses Quality Control (QC) which involves the examination of work performed versus the acceptance standards associated with those activities.

In addition to its internal use, the Quality Assurance Management Plan is provided as an integral part of our project that needs a systematic QA Program. This document adds another level of confidence that the activity performed meets the established requirements.

Thus, GERG management provides an environment which encourages and requires employees to strictly adhere to the Quality Assurance Project Plan and to carry-out their assigned tasks in a consistent and professional manner. Management also ensures that adequate resources are available to implement the QA Plan. This policy ensures that the requirements imposed by our clients and regulatory agencies are met and that the management and staff of GERG are committed to providing clients with high quality products by fostering excellence in the work place.