From 1981 to the present

Groundbreaking ceremony for a new GERG facility

The Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG) was founded in 1981 and was recognized by the Texas A&M University Board of Regents as a “Center for Excellence” in 1987.

The rest of this page should include things like:

  • When key events happened in the development of the program
  • When important people were hired or retired, who all the directors were
  • When new buildings and facilities were built
  • When and how partnerships, important contracts, and major research projects were started
  • When people won awards or received special recognition for work done at/with/through GERG

This page also needs historical photos:

  • Staff group photos
  • Building photos
  • messy/sciency looking lab shots
  • People doing work in clearly outdated clothes or on clearly old equipment