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History of GERG

The Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG) was formed in 1981, originally as a research team within the Department of Oceanography. When GERG grew to more than 100 members in the late 1980s, it outgrew the available space in the Oceanography & Meteorology building and was granted permission to purchase a building off campus to conduct its work. Since 1987, GERG has been located three miles south of the main Texas A&M University campus on Graham Road. In that same year, the Texas A&M University Board of Regents proclaimed GERG a Center for Excellence.

Over the course of its history, GERG has benefitted from the leadership of the following individuals:

Dr. James Brooks (Founding Director) 1981-1995
Dr. Earl Hoskins (Interim Director) 1995-1996
Mr. Feenan Jennings (Interim Director) 1996
Dr. David Schink (Director) 1996-1998
Dr. Mahlon (Chuck) Kennicutt (Director) 1998-2004
Dr. Norman Guinasso (Director) 2004-2010
Dr. Terry Wade (Interim Director) 2010-2013

As a research facility, GERG has a distinct, multi-faceted mission: to serve Texas A&M University and the state of Texas in matters pertaining to science and the environment and to support the mission of the College of Geosciences through an emphasis on applied oceanographic, geochemical, and environmental research. Additionally, GERG works to connect education and research within the College of Geosciences to the needs of government and industry on a regional, national and global level. Reflecting the diverse disciplines in the College of Geosciences, GERG's core competencies are Environmental Science, Ocean Sciences and Resource Geosciences.

The latest chapter in GERG's history has just begun as Dr. Anthony H. Knap took the helm in April of 2013.

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