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Atwater/Lund/Walker Ridge (Central Gulf)

GERG's 1990 Atwater / Lund / Walker Ridge Consortium encompasses data from 231 cores in deeper areas of the Gulf slope and along the Sigsbee Escarpment in the Walker Ridge area, a geologic transition zone. The cores extend into the extreme southeast corner of Green Canyon, eastward across Atwater Valley to very deep water in the Lund area far out in front of the escarpment. A linear placement of cores in the Atwater Valley protraction area reflects available seismic profiles at that time. Despite the limited geophysical data available in 1990 for locating seeps, this study remains extremely valuable because of the large number of cores involved.

Deliverables for this study include PDF images of core logs (core locations and descriptions) and data volumes with the results of the following analyses: total scanning fluorescence, C15+ gas chromatography, and C1-C4 hydrocarbons (headspace).

Atwater/Lund/Walker Ridge (Central Gulf)
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