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Gopal Bera
Gopal Bera
(228) 363-1191
GERG, 833 Graham Road, TX 77845

833 Graham Road, College Station, TX-77845.


Doctorate of Philosophy, Marine Science, Emphasis, Marine Chemistry. 

Department of Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi.            

Dissertation: The delivery, speciation and fate of trace elements in St. Louis Bay, MS. 


Masters of Science, Marine Chemistry. Department of Marine Science, University of Calcutta 

Thesis: Iron biogeochemistry along the Hooghly Estuary, India.


Bachelors of Science, Chemistry 

Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta Graduated with honors. 


2012: SE Geological Society of America Graduate Research Grant ($850)

2008: Office of Graduate Studies Doctoral Assistantship Award (Full Graduate Research Assistantship stipend from The University of Southern Mississippi)

2006: Ranked ‘First Class Second’ at the University of Calcutta on basis of merit in Master Degree.

2006: Cornel A.N. Bose Scholarship from University of Calcutta (Rs. 30,000.00)

2001-2004: Scholarship from Foundation for Excellence, India (Rs. 60,000.00)

2000: National Scholarship in India  

Gopal Bera

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Interests

Currently, I am involved in GOMRI funded oil spill research at GERG and working with Dr. Anthony Knap and Dr. Terry Wade. i am interested in toxic effects of oil spill on the biota, both short term and long term.

I am also interested in geochemistry of emerging anthropogenic contaminants in the environments and their impacts on ecosystem.

Selected Publications


K. M. Yeager, C. A. Brunner, M. A. Pulp, D. Fischer, R. A. Feagin, K. J. Schindler, J. Prouhet, and G. Bera. Significance of active growth faulting on marsh accretion processes in the lower Pearl River, Louisiana. Geomorphology, Volumes 153-154, 2012, pp 127-143. Impact factor: 3.066. 

Bera, G., Shim, M., K. M. Yeager and A. Shiller, Anthropogenic Stable Cesium as contaminant in the water and sediment of St. Louis Bay, MS, USA. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Volume 157, 2015, pp 32-41.

In Review:

Comparative Genomics and Metabolomics Reveals Peculiar Characteristics of Rhodococcus opacus strain M213 Particularly for Naphthalene Degradation. Ashish Pathak; Ashvini Chauhan; Jochen Blom; Karl Indest; Carina Jung; Paul Stothard; Gopal Bera; Stefan Green; Andrew Ogram. Submitted in PLOS One.

In preparation:

Bera, G., K. M. Yeager, and A. M. Shiller. Hurricane Katrina impact on trace metal and dioxin deposition in fringing marshes of St. Louis Bay, MS.

Bera, G., Tate, K., Measurement of emerging fumigants using improved GC/MS method.

Papers in conference proceedings 

1. P. H. Santschi, R. L. Brinkmeyer, C. Hieke, P. Louchouarn, B. Johnson, S. Zhang, K. M. Yeager, K. J. Schindler, and G. Bera. Factors Regulating Microbial Degradation of Dioxins in Estuarine Sediments: Houston Ship Channel and Galveston Bay, Texas. Researcher Conference 2008, Texas Sea Grant College Program.

2. Bera, G., K. M. Yeager, and A. M. Shiller. Trace metal and dioxin deposition history in hurricane Katrina impacted marsh sediment. American Academy of Science (AAS) The Sixth International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, June, 2012, Houston, Texas, USA. Abstract.

Papers presented in conferences but not published 

1. Bera. G., A. M. Shiller, and K. M. Yeager. Speciation, delivery and fate of trace metals in St. Louis Bay, MS. Coastal Estuarine Research Federation Meeting, CERF (International) 2013 (November), San Diego, California, USA. Oral Presentation.

2. Bera, G., A. M. Shiller, and K. M. Yeager. Anthropogenic stable cesium in water and sediment of a shallow estuary, St. Louis Bay, MS. ASLO Aquatic Science Meeting (International), June 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Poster presentation.

3. Bera, G., and A. M. Shiller. Speciation, delivery and fate of trace metals in St. Louis Bay, MS. Mississippi Academy of Science (MAS) meeting (Regional) February, 2012, Hattiesberg, Mississippi, USA. Oral presentation.

4. Bera, G., K. M. Yeager, and A. M. Shiller. Trace metal and dioxin deposition history in hurricane Katrina impacted marsh sediment. USM Graduate Student Symposium, March, 2012, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, USA. Oral Presentation.   

Additional Information

Advisor: Anthony Knap
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