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Since 1987, GERG has been located three miles south of the main Texas A&M University campus, at 833 Graham Road, College Station, Texas 77845. Through the Texas A&M Research Foundation, GERG owns 18.2 acres of land along with 24,323 square feet of office and laboratory space, 5,045 square feet of staging and storage space, and 2,305 square feet of partially enclosed, roofed space for storage and shops. A two-acre concrete apron connects the buildings and provides space for assembling and storage of field equipment. The table set forth below describes the buildings.

  Building Details No. of Sq. Ft. Other
  Main headquarters 14,495 6,950 sq. ft. lab space
  West building 4,682  
  East building 4.434  
  Portable building 712  
  Enclosed warehouse 5,045 1,400 walk-in freezer/refrigerators
  Covered, open bay machine shop 2,305  

GERG has established an extensive equipment base for research service and educational purposes. The analytical instrumentation, laboratory facilities, and computer systems provide the tools needed to fulfill the needs of an extensive list of programs. GERG has four HPLC's, ten gas chromatographs fully automated with autosamplers and computer data acquisition and manipulation, and an array of different detectors. Analyses can be provided by any of five gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers (GC/MS). Five gas chromatographs are equipped with electron capture (ECD) detectors. Other gas chromatographs are equipped with flame photometric detectors, NPDs, and a high resolution GC/MS. An inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and graphite furnace are available for trace metal analyses. The main laboratories include over 6,950 square feet of space. Access to all areas within is controlled to ensure confidentiality of samples and data.

The Sample Control Laboratory is separated from the main laboratories and is a limited access area. This 500 square foot facility and the procedures used, provide for the receipt, safe handling, and secure processing of environmental samples.

The Sample Control Laboratory is lined with benches having chemically resistant bench tops and isolated room ventilation providing adequate space to safely process samples in a contaminant-free environment.

A sample receipt area provides for the safe, controlled receipt and processing of samples under chain-of-custody standard operating procedures (SOPs). This area is partitioned from the sample preparation area where sample homogenization and aliquoting are performed. A Class II Type B2 biological safety cabinet allows for preparation of samples including human tissues.

The cold storage, controlled access areas occupy over 1,400 square feet of space. These walk-in freezers and refrigerators are secured and the temperatures are monitored by a continuous recording and alarm system detecting system failures. Active and archived samples are stored in these areas under chain-of-custody. Samples may be stored in this area for periods of 90 days or greater. Sample extracts and standards are stored in secured, dedicated refrigerators apart from the sample storage area.

The main sample preparation laboratories occupy 2,000 square feet of space. The laboratory staff each have well over six linear feet of unencumbered work space in which to work. All of the laboratories are fitted with exhaust hoods with chemically resistant tops on the bench surfaces.

Approximately 2,500 square feet of support office space exists for the compiling, packaging, and shipping of analytical data and other deliverables as required by the client. The workspace is fitted with computers interlinked on networks, desks and work surfaces, photocopiers and binders.

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